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My name is Kathleen McGonigal Chenault and I am a bonafide foodie. Food has been a big part of my life from a very early age.

My Grandmother was my greatest influence with food and cooking.

I can remember spending Saturdays in the kitchen with her baking old family recipes that were to die for...  More memories were created around the family table as we laughed, cried, cheered and even disagreed all awhile eating the fantastic meal we created together. 

I have a heart for children and know how important it is to teach them lifelong habits that translate into a great life balancing life, love, focus and fun. My guidance allows people to create a personal plan that nourishes creative energy while building positive results.  This practice converts well in motivating all ages and groups.  My practice focuses on a person's bio-individuality and how the power of food nourishes your mind, body and soul.  My commitment to my clients is to inspire internal motivation in building simplified steps to a balanced life of their dreams.  

I received my nutrition certification through the  Institute of Integrated Nutrition.  I have a background in business management with an emphasis in children's education,  I have 2 years experience as a faith coach.  I am Love n Logic certified, as well as a former foster parent and board member of the foster parent's association.  I have been in the kitchen teaching healthy cooking classes to women and children for years now.  My love for food is contagious and I want to be sure my obsession creates a movement within people that produces endless opportunities in their lives.

Contact me today for a complimentary 30 minute consultation!

Together we can make the goals that establish lifetime habits.

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